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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets you aside from your competitors?

Personal service, flexibility, pricing, and good location.


What security measures does A+ use?

Cameras are strategically placed and are recording 24/7. The security gate can be accessed only with a tenant’s assigned code. Our facility is fenced as well.


Is there a long term contract?

No. We offer month to month self storage rentals and you can cancel at any time.


What is the cost to move?

There is a one time admin fee of $24.00. Please also ask about our current specials when calling (407) 846-1720.


Do you prorate rent when I move in?

No. Your rent is due on your move-in date each month.


Will I receive an invoice each month as a reminder that rent is due?

No. We do not send invoices in order to keep costs down and give you the best rates possible.


Do you have air conditioned units?

Yes. Our climate-controlled units are designed to protect your possessions from heat and humidity.


My movers are using a semi, can you accommodate?

Yes. We have self storage that your movers can pull right up to for easy loading/unloading.


Does your facility provide pest control?

Yes. The facility is sprayed on a monthly basis as a preventative measure to protect your belongings.


Do you sell boxes and packing material?

Yes, we have a good selection of items.


Can I store my vehicle at A+?

Yes, we store autos, boats, and recreational vehicles provided the vehicles are in drivable condition.


What items are not permitted to be stored?

No hazardous, toxic, or illegal items. No perishable food items. Examples: Gasoline, propane, fireworks, etc. Please ask our property manager for details.


Are you involved with the surrounding community?

Yes. We support the athletic programs of Gateway High School, located just behind our property!

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